The Monster Inside Me

"The Monster Inside Me" - the second album from driftlikeclouds


Human beings have many eyes. Some for sensing, a mind's eye for clarity, and who knows the others? Most have left/right for collecting light. So did Jackson C. Frank, until one day whilst sitting on a Buffalo park bench sone punks blew his left eye into oblivion with a pellet gun. Why? Easy, their own eyes were closed. Those who knew the prolific musician said his music revealed a man with spiritual eyes open... and yet he had some closed too, wandering the streets of Buffalo eating from dumpsters after damaging everybody close to him. How many eyes do you have? Do you know which ones are closed? Are you choosing to close them? How should you know, anyway?

The first album had one piercing eye, the great observer, the Owl's eye. "The Monster Inside Me", the new release from driftlikeclouds, has many eyes. Tragically (or beautifully?) many of its eyes are closed. When we can't see, we stumble in the dark. If only "monsters live in the darkness" were a childhood fairy tale! We think we always dance in sunshine, but really, have you ever met somebody without a blind-spot? 

When our eyes are closed, we're animated by darkness. This is the evil and the negative. We read about these people (the "others") in the newspapers. We wonder "how she could've done that to herself, she was so young." I maintain it's in you, in me, too! "The Monster Inside Me" is not an attempt to glorify and redeem the negative. It's thesis: when we document darkness-as-animator, we learn about ourselves, and baby-eyes begin to open... slowly. On this album you'll hear thieves, murderers, self-help cults, violence, suicide, and societal chaos. Take it easy, man! It's not that bad! There's a happy moment (maybe two) - some hidden humor - a dark intelligence. 

The Monster Inside Me is the Monster Inside You. When you listen, remember... eyes open slowly.

1. A Monster Was Inside Me
2. I Sought Beauty in the Shadows
3. You All Want to Stop Me
4. Existence as the Negative
5. You'll Let Me Die
6. Darkness as the Animator
7. Driving High on County Line Road 45
8. John the Thief 
9. It Grew In Hiding
10. I'm Better Than You
11. It's My (secret) Thing
12. It Confused Me But I Liked It
13. Dog Pissed On My Shit
14. Attempted Suicide  
15. It's the Supreme Thrill, the Only One I Haven't Tried
16. Our Doubts are our Traitors
17. Things That Happen in the Night
18. It Selected Me

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