the sweet smell of cow shit

the sweet smell of cow shit. people come from the ground, the hills. i was born here. music is painted on silence. words are painted on emptiness. let consciousness do the writing. keep subtracting. rearrange. let go of plans. replace results with wandering. it'll take you to the Divine Feminine. "there's a lot of stuff that i keep inside that no one will ever know." an invitation. be soft, i will be ready when you are. turn left. ill bite. drive to the dead end sign, turn right. you'll do this again. days growing shorter. eternal reoccurance. you've been here before. willingness to take risk. turn around maybe drown. open like drying laundry blowing on the clothesline. service as the highest organizing principle of relationship. theories of existence that don't help. clean whiteboard. coca-cola breath. drunk with the locusts. a losing ballgame soothes the feels. songs for incels.