Put on my battle clothes

Creative ideas come from outside me. If I let them through my crust, they overtake me. I begin to shake. Uncontrollable excitement. I become euphoric. My brain spins. "Yes" I say... a sacred yes. "I will be an instrument of this idea." Creativity is my master. I submit to Creativity. I am a slave to Creativity. I am fearful where Creativity takes me. Sometimes, it obliterates me. Sometimes, it takes me far away from being here. It changes what I know to be real. It reveals Me to Me. Sometimes, it takes me away for a long day. I try to keep my feet on the ground. Maybe it's OK that sometimes they detach. In these states, in an act of remembrance, I understand: I Am Music. Merely playing music, no... oh no. My Being is Vibration itself. And it dances, plays, appears and disappears. The pendulum swings fast, slow. High pitch, low pitch, consonant, dissonant.  When will Joseph come back? When he comes back, he is not the same. He is, some how, stretched like a rubber band, and he does not return to his original position. Music speaks to me in sacred revelations. I pray to devote my life to music. It is my Sacred Mission. I have enlisted in the Army of Music and I wear my battle clothes. I am happily married, thank you, to Music. I wear a platinum ring on my middle finger. I cry and ask, "Lord, how can I play more music? What do I do next?" Soon, another hijacking of my soul occurs, and I am back in a euphoric place, where my heart sings and my second chakra opens. I am grateful I see the world in Music. No, I hear the world in Music. I hear visual things, I hear emotional things, I hear conceptual things. And... I hear people. I hear stories. I hear history. I perceive their energy in my phonological loop. Thank you, Lord, for bridging my hearing to my spirit to the world. I will continue to receive Creative ideas and let them knock on the door to my soul.